Alex (alexclau) wrote,

Me versus Street Fairs

So I've been slacking on blogging. So sue me.

My days have been pretty slacktastic: day trading and taking care of my mom (giving her medicine, making sure she's hydrated) during the day. Video games and TV at night. Boring.

But it's June already, and in San Francisco that means it's street fair season. From now on through the summer, most if not every weekend there will be a street fair somewhere.

I've mentioned this before, but I hate parades, street fairs, marathons, and anything that blocks up the streets and makes it harder for me to get where I want to go. Now, since I haven't really been going anywhere lately, this hasn't been much of a problem. But this weekend is different.

That's right, the street fair is coming to my block.

Hate, hate, hate.
Tags: hate, parade, street fair
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