Alex (alexclau) wrote,

Me versus August

Haven't written for a while. I've been fighting a lingering cough for the better part of a month. That's just the way it is with me and coughs, especially after a cold.

Because of this, I have barely left the house this whole month. I feel OK, but if I do anything more strenuous than walking a couple of flights of stairs I start coughing more.

Anyway, I also bought a ticket to return to Japan next month for vacation. I'll be leaving Sept. 3 and coming back Sept. 11. Part of the reason is so that I can finally close out my bank accounts; the other reason is so that I can visit my last school's festival, which will be Sept. 9 and 10 (I'm planning on just going the first day).

I'll also visit my friend Steve, who since the last time I saw him moved from Fudai, Iwate (200-odd miles northeast of Tokyo) to Dazaifu, Fukuoka (300-odd miles southwest of Tokyo). Quite the scenery change.
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